Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Homework Assignment #4: Text for you to illustrate!

Here is the text for you to illustrate into your 32 page book dummy we made in class. Again, if you have text of your own go with that instead if you wish. But before you start have a look at some of the picture books you've been looking at and see how much a ratio of text and images there is. In other words, make sure that your text is not TOO LONG! However, for those of you who are really interested in illustrating other people's work, I suggest you illustrate this text I'm giving you seeing as this is what you'll be doing usually... illustrating a story that is not by you.

I will not give you the name of the story and also change the name of the main character because I don't want you to be able to reference the original book, so as to not have it influence your work.
I changed the name to Bob, but please feel free to change the name to whatever pleases you. THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU'RE ALLOWED TO CHANGE IN THE TEXT, everything else must be included as is in your dummy. But it's up to you how much text you put where on the pages. Pay attention to this as it is the layout and the pacing of the book that we discussed in class.

This is Bob the Rabbit. Bob is a busy rabbit. "Bob! Where are you?" calls his Momma Rabbit. "Do you know what time it is?" says Momma Rabbit. Bob says: Is it time to follow a passing ship? Or time to stand on top of the world? Or is it time to make friends with a giant?I know! It's time to win a race. Maybe it's time to grow a mustache? Or time to use my flower-picking machine? Maybe it's time to throw some mudcakes? I think it's time to be the first pirate on the moon. Or is it time to fly across the city? Or is it time to drive a submarine? " Oh, Bob, it's just naptime," says Momma Rabbit. "That's what I was saying," says Bob, as he crawls into bed. Then he closes his eyes to dream of all the things he wants to do...
...and he did.

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