Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Homework Assignment #1:

Part 1
-Research one illustrator or author/illustrator you like (preferably from the list I have given you here on the right hand side), BUT, it has to be someone with a style different from your usual technique/visuals. (in other words something you wouldn't normally draw/create)

Part 2
a) Start by with copying one illustration of this illustrator, but consciously AND considerably alter it somehow (composition, characters, colors, medium etc..) in other words, don't really copy it. Just use it as a starting point to create something that as an end result can look related to the original, if at all.
If you've copied the original illustration exactly, you've done it wrong. ;) 


b) You can create a completely new image in this illustrator's style! (if you want you can also slightly alter the style)

* If you choose option b) and want to create a whole new image but in someone else's style, please illustrate the following piece of text: (create at least one image, -max 3 images for this piece of text)

Jack awoke with a start. Something was tapping on his bedroom window. He yawned and stretched and climbed out of bed. He went to the window... and his eyes opened wider than they ever opened before.
'OH!' he said. "It's a BEANSTALK!" and he threw his clothes on and rushed outside to look.
The beanstalk went up and up and up. "it goes up to the clouds,"Jack said, "but where does it go after that?" And he began to climb.
Up and up and up Jack went, until his house looked like a toy below him. Up and up and up he climbed, until the clouds swirled around him and he could hardly see. Up and up and up he clambered- until suddenly the clouds were beneath him and he found himself standing in a strange, bare land. In front of him was a long winding path and far away at the the end of the path, was a huge, gray castle.
"Dee-daa diddle-di-dee," Jack sang as he walked, but as he got nearer to the castle he stopped singing. The chimney was as tall as a tower. The windows were enormous. The front doorstep was higher than Jack's waist. Jack took a deep breath and hoisted himself up, but the doorbell was high above his head. He picked up a stone and hammered on the door.
The door opened, and Jack looked up. A giantess looked down. "Oh what a dear little boy!" she said. "But you mustn't stay here! Hurry away, or my horrible brother will eat you up!"
Jack leaned against the door. "I'm so hungry," he said.
"Oh, dearie dearie me," said the giantess. "Well..he won't be back for a while. Come in, you poor little thing." The giantess walked into her kitchen, and Jack followed her. She picked him up, and sat him on a jam jar, with a saucepan for his table. The she gave him bread and soup, and Jack ate until he could eat no more.

*(text taken from 'The Kingfisher Mini Treasury of FAIRY TALES retold by Vivian French)

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