Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Homework Assignment #4 (NEW)

Illustration by Helme Heine from 'Na warte sagte Schwarte'

Homework for my Class: "Learn through research and example"

Two parts:


Take your dummy book home and sketch out a very rough layout for the story I will give you! (*or if you already have a story thought out use your own story! But I suggest you try your hand at this one I give you first anyway! Then do your own later or do both) This means you will first have to break the story down into images you want to illustrate. Employ the various Camera angels. You are the director of your movie/book. Get a feel for pacing and variation in composition…


a) From the 3 books you picked out of the library, pick one image where you really like the composition. Take one of the sketches you’ve made in your dummy book and improve it’s composition using this example of composition as inspiration! (like the 'composition cheat exercise' we did in class)

b) Develop this one image further! (use good paper --like the one I gave you at beginning of class for example)

c) Bring your storyboard dummy, and your finished illustration to class along with the book you picked your illustration example from!

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