Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Homework Assignment #5:

Image: Sebastian Bremer

Homework: Using the character you’ve developed in class make at least 1 finished SREAD or 2 finished illustrations etc.. depending on how you split up the images and the text. Also bring and show your sketches for them.

The illustrations you will make will be size: height: 12 in, width: 10.5 in per page, or if you want to work on the spread on one page: height: 12 in, width: 21 in. Use the versatile Stonehenge paper I gave you at beginning of class if you still have some!

Remember to employ light and dark, composition, and your fully refined character for this. Please look at the work of at least one of your favorite artists so far for this for inspiration! Bring the hard copy to class. (if you're making them on the computer just print them out smaller on 11x17 paper)

Here is the text for you to illustrate:

Title: I Don't Want to Travel

by Emmanuelle Houdart

I don't want to travel

Except in the hand of a giant

Except on a broomstick

Except in the jaws of a wolf

Except in a bottle of raspberry syrup

Except on the back of a tortoise

Except with my Catfish

Except by the light of the Moon

Except under the sea

Except with my favorite book.

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