Monday, July 12, 2010

Homework Assignment #6:

Image by Quentin Blake from his book Words and Pictures

Based on the in class sketching and brainstorming exercise on different ways to combine illustration with text (look at your handouts for reference!) make 4 sketches for the story of little red riding hood from last homework, BUT using all of the illustrations techniques other than the obvious to reiterate/slightly embellish one!
That means you can choose from:
1) Subtract/diminish from the text, 2)change the text by contradicting it ie. create a whole new/or slightly different visual story, 3)add subplots, 4)utelize the freezing a moment in time idea to make the viewer fill in the gap (the veiled menace)..., etc...

Also, you don't have to, but it might be fun for those of you who did the first little red riding hood assignment to also try a totally different medium or style than you did last time.

Summary: 4 sketches and 2 final illustrations to bring to class.
Dimensions are up to you.

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