Thursday, March 3, 2011

Level 2 Class: Homework assignment #1

1) Bring 3 actual images to class:
( not like the 'image' Lynda is talking about!) We will create the 'image' she talks about from them in class, yes, but I mean just 3 images you can cut out of a magazine, or print out from the net.
They can be photos, or drawings, but they should somehow grab your attention. Also, the images you are to look for should NOT already have a story attached to them written by someone else! ( in other words, don't bring in an illustration that someone made for Little Red Riding Hood'. DO bring in a photo of two people in the park or a photo from a national geographic where you didn't read the article yet)
The images can be: interesting, strange, weird, or even somewhat mundane, but there has to be SOMETHING about them that made YOU pick them. Something about them got YOUr attention.

* 1 or 2 of the images CAN be doodles from your sketchbook if you keep one. BUT you can't have already attached a full story to them in your head. In other words, something you doodled but don't quite know why. There has to be at least one character in the image and there has to be some sort of background or landscape around your character. No isolated characters on a blank sheet. We need a full scene!

-Your word is: Rabbit Ears
- Time yourself: 5 minutes only! GO!

3)Do the Lynda Barry exercise again!
-Your word is: Dogs
- Time yourself: 45 minutes total! GO!

4) Do the Character Development exercise from Level 1 again. When you have the character do the part where you ask your character to tell you a story. 'A technique for the lazy' .
Time yourself!

Seems like a lot? Everything together should take you about 2.30 hours. That's not so bad right?

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