Thursday, March 10, 2011

Level 2 Class: Homework assignment #2

1) Write a story! Hurrah! (900 words max) and bring it in typed, double spaced, font size 12pt. to class. Print out 2 copies of your story. Staple the story or, number the pages.

* IF images are needed to let us understand the FULL story, ie. you only know what's really happening when we see the IMAGE & TEXT (synergy) then you must also make a quick dummy book sketch to bring in. However, bring this in separately from the written out text. You will thus have a dummy book with the text legible AS WELL as ONLY the text written out on separate paper.

*Use the images you collected for the last homework and repeat the 'writing from an image' exercise we did in class, use the HANDOUTS from class to help you!
(Writing/brainstorming checklists, Traditional Story structure cheat guide, Notes on Story Structure)

2) Write out the text of one of your favorite Picture books, ( like I did for you in class) and bring a typed copy of it to class. Indicate each page turn with a space. It will look more like poetry written on the page than a traditional story. Read the story out loud while you type, pay attention to the rhythm of the story, repetition, dialog, plot, things you like about it and don't. See if it fits into the traditional Story structure guide!

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