Thursday, March 17, 2011

Level 2 Class: Homework assignment #3

Image: Tests from 'Paulina P. (for Petersen)' by Lisa Cinar (that's me!) :)

1) 'Finish' editing your story, keeping suggestions from the feedback forms in mind
2) Sketch out a rough dummy and place text with images (not just textholder lines)
3) Bring sketchbook or folder with experiments that lead you to the style you will use
4) Bring ONE finished illustration from your dummy (does not have to be a full spread)
5) Bring in an object, book, images, ANYTHING where you really like the colour combination
6) Bring coloring tools of your choice (can be anything, like markers, watercolors, colored pencils,, pastels, etc...) but no oil or acrylic please!

(preferably bring in the medium you will be using for your final illustrations, if this is possible)

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