Thursday, March 24, 2011

Level 2 Class: Homework assignment #4

Images from my style development for 'Paulina P. (for Petersen)', published by Simply Read Books 2009.

1) Revise your dummy.
2) Develop one new or altered style for your final illustration. Make a a new image for the same text you illustrated before (in the new/altered/style.)
3) Make a character development sheet for your main character (see level 1 handout). Only the part where you draw your character from the front, back, both sides and different facial expressions.
4) Bring your sketchbooks, (or loose sheets of paper) with your processes, roughs, ideas, etc.. to class. (this is not something EXTRA you have to do, but all the notes, and drawings you have been making anyway to come up with your characters, images, etc. in the first place).
5) Next week we will be looking at everyone's two different type of illustration styles, (techniques if you will) you have chosen for your stories, so please bring both, your old and your new illustrations for your dummies with you to class.
6) Think about questions you have regarding your dummies. Illustrations and problems you find yourself encountering.

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