Tuesday, March 29, 2011

level 2 Class: Homework assignment #5

Illustrations by Lisa Cinar (hey, that's me! :))

1) Consider, or re-consider size and format of your book dummy. Is your current format complimentary to the story and images?

2) Keep playing around with the style you have chosen for your story and develop it further. Put all ideas and process in a folder, sketchbook or box. Bring what you can to class to show us.

3) Photocopy your final illustration in B&W and bring to class

4) Bring in a picture book you love (has to be in colour) with one page marked where you really like the page layout and composition.

5) Bring in the calligraphy brush I gave you in lev. 1, or bring a brush you like to work with in INK. (I will supply the ink)

6) Take a look at some picture book REVIEWS OR SUMMARIES (online, in a magazine, on a blog, or even on the back of books, or in the jacket flaps)

In fact, take a look at my two book's summaries which you can find here or here.
If you've read my books I would really appreciate it if you could write me a quick review on one of those sites and rate it! Be honest. You don't have to looooooove them. But if you do please do rate it and if you hate them... well, maybe don't then. :)

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