Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Homework Assignment #6 NEW!

I thought it might be fun to change the assignment in one of my classes to a new one. Here it is:

1) Make a full dummy book with rough sketches and however many pages you'd like (but not more than 32) for the below story.

2)Create final Illustrations for any two of your favorite parts. Use the 3-D character you created in class as inspiration for at least one of your illustrations. (if you are not happy with the 3-D character you created in class, you can make a new one, but it has to be a 3-D character and I don't want you to spend a lot of time on the making of the actual 3-D object!

3) See if you can work any of the different ways that illustration can affect/change text (what we discussed in session 5) -rather than just elaborating on it- into your illustrations or roughs.

Here is the story I'd like you to illustrate. (again, as in the last assignment. You can change the names of the characters but that's it in terms of changing the text)

Ludo and Remi Take us for a Ride
By Florence Pinel

Ludo and Remi were great travelers.

I, Ludo, took a plane to visit my uncle.

And, I, Remi, I took a hot-air balloon to the land of giants.

I rode across the Great Plains on horseback.

Well, I crossed the desert on the back of an elephant.

In Scotland, I tamed the Loch Ness monster.

On the China Seas, I saved Gong Lee, the whale.

I drove a racing car.

And I, the first solar-powered car.

But it was at the fair that our paths first crossed.

Since then, we have traveled together.

The End.

This story is featured in the neat book 'Travel Tales- 10 Fun Filled Adventures' which is a collection of Stories in Words and Pictures for Children. Published by Abrams. (Originally written in French)

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