Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emma Chichester Clark

Sorry for the recent delay in posts, but most relationships need a break sometime and this happened to also be the case for me and this here blog. But.... baaaack!
One of my awesome students from my class by the name of Francis Heng gave me a couple of small bought prints at the end of the class, both of well known illustrators (thanks again Francis! So kind of you!) One was of Fred Banbery, and one was of Emma Chichester Clark. I realized right away when I saw the prints that I had come across the name of Clark and could also picture some of her work in my head, but hadn't really dedicated any amount of time to actually find out more about her or look up any books of hers or images online. On the back of the print is a quite informative blurb about her and it states that she studied under Quentin Blake at the Royal College of Art. LUCKY! I would have loooooved to study under Blake, man oh man... that would have been soooo sweeet... oh well. She did anyhow. I can't seem to find too much of her images online... could it be she does not have a website....? So strange, but she does have work up for viewing and selling at this gallery. I'm posting some of these images which are unfortunately a tad small and some of her fantastic book covers I have found in the world of the internet.
Things to note: fantastic compositions, and very good and real glimpse of the mischievousness of children. Her sense of color palette for some of her images and the fact that she uses watercolor reminds me of another illustrator I love ... Melissa Sweet. Perhaps I will have to cover her next to compare and contrast.