Saturday, March 16, 2013

Picture Book Shop: Mundo Azul in Berlin

 One of the many things I did lately that has caused me not to write for the longest time is to take a little vacation to my home country Germany. I hadn't been for quite some time and so it was even more exciting for me than normally to step inside any given book shop to see what was new. As luck would have it one of the places I had on my long list of things to check out in Berlin was Mundo Azul an International specialty Picture and Kids Bookshop located in one of Berlin's coolest neighborhoods. I've been to quite a few bookshops in my life time but I think this one took the cake. I only had a relatively short time since we had other plans already but I could have easily stayed all day. Not only was the selection of books amazing beyond believe with every single book displayed making you want to open it up and check it out and take it home, but the shop itself was also beautiful, with original artwork from amazing illustrators displayed on it's walls.

Imagine my surprise as I walked into the next little room and discovered original artwork by non other than Violeta Lopiz (whom I had just written about a few posts previous of this one). I was so excited and it totally made everything about the shop even more magical and perfect. The woman who was working that day was of course amazing and fun and super helpful and it was obvious that she was a big picture book fan herself. So cool! I'm so happy to have found this shop and I hope that it will stay there forever and just grow bigger and bigger. My cousin and his girlfriend whom I was visiting there life very near and it makes me happy to know that they go there to get books for their little boy. I couldn't imagine a better place in the world to get them at! 

 So yes, if you find yourself in Germany and you love picture books, here is their website .GO THERE! ...but remember that ALL shops are closed on weekends in Germany;)