Tuesday, March 29, 2011

level 2 Class: Homework assignment #5

Illustrations by Lisa Cinar (hey, that's me! :))

1) Consider, or re-consider size and format of your book dummy. Is your current format complimentary to the story and images?

2) Keep playing around with the style you have chosen for your story and develop it further. Put all ideas and process in a folder, sketchbook or box. Bring what you can to class to show us.

3) Photocopy your final illustration in B&W and bring to class

4) Bring in a picture book you love (has to be in colour) with one page marked where you really like the page layout and composition.

5) Bring in the calligraphy brush I gave you in lev. 1, or bring a brush you like to work with in INK. (I will supply the ink)

6) Take a look at some picture book REVIEWS OR SUMMARIES (online, in a magazine, on a blog, or even on the back of books, or in the jacket flaps)

In fact, take a look at my two book's summaries which you can find here or here.
If you've read my books I would really appreciate it if you could write me a quick review on one of those sites and rate it! Be honest. You don't have to looooooove them. But if you do please do rate it and if you hate them... well, maybe don't then. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Level 2 Class: Homework assignment #4

Images from my style development for 'Paulina P. (for Petersen)', published by Simply Read Books 2009.

1) Revise your dummy.
2) Develop one new or altered style for your final illustration. Make a a new image for the same text you illustrated before (in the new/altered/style.)
3) Make a character development sheet for your main character (see level 1 handout). Only the part where you draw your character from the front, back, both sides and different facial expressions.
4) Bring your sketchbooks, (or loose sheets of paper) with your processes, roughs, ideas, etc.. to class. (this is not something EXTRA you have to do, but all the notes, and drawings you have been making anyway to come up with your characters, images, etc. in the first place).
5) Next week we will be looking at everyone's two different type of illustration styles, (techniques if you will) you have chosen for your stories, so please bring both, your old and your new illustrations for your dummies with you to class.
6) Think about questions you have regarding your dummies. Illustrations and problems you find yourself encountering.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Level 2 Class: Homework assignment #3

Image: Tests from 'Paulina P. (for Petersen)' by Lisa Cinar (that's me!) :)

1) 'Finish' editing your story, keeping suggestions from the feedback forms in mind
2) Sketch out a rough dummy and place text with images (not just textholder lines)
3) Bring sketchbook or folder with experiments that lead you to the style you will use
4) Bring ONE finished illustration from your dummy (does not have to be a full spread)
5) Bring in an object, book, images, ANYTHING where you really like the colour combination
6) Bring coloring tools of your choice (can be anything, like markers, watercolors, colored pencils,, pastels, etc...) but no oil or acrylic please!

(preferably bring in the medium you will be using for your final illustrations, if this is possible)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

'The Day It All Blew Away' original artwork on Etsy


Original artwork from ‘The Day it all Blew Away’ is finally on Etsy!

I have finally managed to take the time to post some original artwork from The Day It All Blew Away on Etsy. Yes, some of it was sold at my show at Collage Collage, but there is still lots left. So, should you or your loved ones be in need of some original illustrations from a published Children’s Book, look no further! Reasonably priced and dimensions that are easy to frame. Would make a pretty cool present I think. Especially if you buy the book to go along with it!

Check out the shop!

(also, if you’re buying more than one drawing the shipping prices are the same as just for one. I think I posted that wrong for some of them, so just a heads up… oopps)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kids like making marks that make shapes that make stories

From Lynda Barry’s book’ What it is’ (page 129)

For the next 30 years I chased after only good drawing. While I drew, my main feelings were doubt and worry, and when I finished my only feelings were relief and regret. I never drew for fun anymore-and I’d forgotten about that strange floating feeling making lines on paper used to give me. I’d forgotten how stories used to bubble up out of the lines and surprise me. It was why started drawing--to meet those lines and stories.

Level 2 Class: Homework assignment #2

1) Write a story! Hurrah! (900 words max) and bring it in typed, double spaced, font size 12pt. to class. Print out 2 copies of your story. Staple the story or, number the pages.

* IF images are needed to let us understand the FULL story, ie. you only know what's really happening when we see the IMAGE & TEXT (synergy) then you must also make a quick dummy book sketch to bring in. However, bring this in separately from the written out text. You will thus have a dummy book with the text legible AS WELL as ONLY the text written out on separate paper.

*Use the images you collected for the last homework and repeat the 'writing from an image' exercise we did in class, use the HANDOUTS from class to help you!
(Writing/brainstorming checklists, Traditional Story structure cheat guide, Notes on Story Structure)

2) Write out the text of one of your favorite Picture books, ( like I did for you in class) and bring a typed copy of it to class. Indicate each page turn with a space. It will look more like poetry written on the page than a traditional story. Read the story out loud while you type, pay attention to the rhythm of the story, repetition, dialog, plot, things you like about it and don't. See if it fits into the traditional Story structure guide!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 Do's and 20 Don'ts from: Mem Fox

Here is a list of 20 Do's and 20 Don't from Mem Fox. I don't agree with some of them, but for the most part, ... excellent advise! Also... the last Don't cracks me up. ... it's a classic it's funny cause it's true. (only from people who aren't really into children's picture books of course. that counts you out because you obviously are, ... since you are reading this blog) :)
Also check out the rest of Mem's site where it came from, for lots of other very helpful tips.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Level 2 Class: Homework assignment #1

1) Bring 3 actual images to class:
( not like the 'image' Lynda is talking about!) We will create the 'image' she talks about from them in class, yes, but I mean just 3 images you can cut out of a magazine, or print out from the net.
They can be photos, or drawings, but they should somehow grab your attention. Also, the images you are to look for should NOT already have a story attached to them written by someone else! ( in other words, don't bring in an illustration that someone made for Little Red Riding Hood'. DO bring in a photo of two people in the park or a photo from a national geographic where you didn't read the article yet)
The images can be: interesting, strange, weird, or even somewhat mundane, but there has to be SOMETHING about them that made YOU pick them. Something about them got YOUr attention.

* 1 or 2 of the images CAN be doodles from your sketchbook if you keep one. BUT you can't have already attached a full story to them in your head. In other words, something you doodled but don't quite know why. There has to be at least one character in the image and there has to be some sort of background or landscape around your character. No isolated characters on a blank sheet. We need a full scene!

-Your word is: Rabbit Ears
- Time yourself: 5 minutes only! GO!

3)Do the Lynda Barry exercise again!
-Your word is: Dogs
- Time yourself: 45 minutes total! GO!

4) Do the Character Development exercise from Level 1 again. When you have the character do the part where you ask your character to tell you a story. 'A technique for the lazy' .
Time yourself!

Seems like a lot? Everything together should take you about 2.30 hours. That's not so bad right?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Idea of Genius

This episode of CBC's Ideas is called 'The Idea of Genius' and apart from being extremely interesting it contains some of the major points why I disagree with Elizabeth Gilbert's take on Creativity and Genius (see earlier blog entry). Mainly the part where we actually have to be surrounding ourselves with what it is we are passionate about in order to be able to get our ideas. Listen to the part where they talk about why The Beatles and Mozart were so amazing in their fields and time. Also, yes, the 10.000 hour theory.
Great episode to listen to. Listen to both parts here!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Look at my Sketchblog sometimes

I've posted this totally amazing Lynda Barry video on my sketchblog, because initially I thought I'd keep the writing aspect out of this blog but now I've decided against it. Anyhow, take a look at it here. It's pretty great!

"People Write Poetry but they don't necessarily invent it. I think it's something about FOLLOWING this thing"

Elizabeth Gilbert: On creative process

Notice that she gets up at 4.30 to write every day. Discipline and practice is really what will make you good at pretty much ANYTHING. You just have to work at it every day. It's really amazingly simple in a way, no?

Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity

I've watched this quite some time ago, but in light of my new dummy book class that will have a lot more about writing in it I thought it would be very good to post.
Interesting idea, even though I don't quite agree with it. But what I do agree with is that you ARE in control of when you can be creative, or when your creativity comes to you. Like Tom Waits said: Can't you see that I'm driving right now?

Then again. Sometimes it DOES just hit you and you have no control over when that might be. Like her example of the poet who could hear the poem coming towards her from over the hills. Then you have to outrun it and grab a paper and a pencil and hope it's not faster than you and finds another writer instead.

Our Final Class for Level 1 at Kids Books at 2 PM!

Hello hello all students of my level 1 class!

For our final class on Sunday we will meet AT Kids Books at 2 pm. (it takes about 30 minutes to get from ECUAD to Kids Books so that should cover all extra travel time you'll need should you be coming from the other direction)
All you will need will be a sketchbook and a pencil and of course your never ending wild enthusiasm for Picture Books. ...
See you then!
I encourage all of you to give homework # 5 (not #5 NEW) a try! It involves you using your 3D character to create a story. Fun!

Writers' Union of Canada- Writing for Children Competition

1500 Words maximum and 1.500$ Cash if you Win! Why not give it a shot?
Here's the info. Start Writing Madly ... NOW!