Saturday, September 11, 2010

Judith Kerr

While searching for images for Helen Oxenbury I had come across an image which I love but knew was NOT Oxenbury but from a book called 'The Tiger who came for Tea' by Judith Kerr. While I have never actually held a copy of this book in my hands I have seen illustrations from it in several places and most recently also in an edition of one of my favorite magazines on the topic of illustration VAROOM. Here is an interesting link on Kerr and above a bunch of images of hers I have found.
Also, when revisiting the article on her in the Winter 2009 edition of Varoom I noticed that there was an image of a book I had just raved about a couple of entries ago namely 'It's a secret by John Burningham. It was included by Kerr under the category of 'Illustrator I admire'. Wouldn't you know it. How's that for a good segment from Oxenbury and Burningham to Kerr? Also: Her admiration for Burningham obviously shows through in her work which is why someone had mistaken the image of 'The Tiger who came for Tea' for Burninghams' or Oxenbury's to begin with.

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