Thursday, October 27, 2011

The colours of Marcel Dzama

Last week I asked my students in one of the classes I teach to make their own drawing tool, or to create their own colours. In other words, create something that will give you a line, or a colour not just everyone can buy by walking into an art supply store. The lines you use in your work, the patterns you make and the colours you choose can become part of the thing that will eventually become our 'style' as visual artists. I remember while still in school myself loving the work of Marcel Dzama and seeing all of his shows with the Royal Artlodge Collective here in Vancouver at the beautiful and now gone Atelier Gallery. I remember writing a paper on his work and being thrilled when I found out he added Root Beer to his colour to create the consistent braun/green tones in his work. I wondered how the galleries representing him felt about this since it would definitely affect the longevity of his work, and which made me like him even more.
So here is some of his work. Notice the importance colour plays here in the overall style of work.
Here are some blog posts regarding a newer show of his at the David Zwirner Gallery in N.Y.

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