Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DRAW ME A LION! The Shop Has Launched!

Happy New Year of 2012 to you all! So crazy that another year has gone by.
Of course I know that I have somewhat neglected this blog, but it was not due to laziness my friends. No nooo! It was in fact the opposite!
I have been busy for the past few months working away on a project of mine and then in the last months of 2012 it was finished..., or rather, it was started!

In November I opened up an online shop called Draw Me A Lion! There are currently 9 items in the line I created. They are all dreamed up, illustrated, designed and put together by myself. The shop sells limited edition prints, colouring posters, postcards, cards and a "Story Activity Kit" that I'm especially proud of. There is a very strong connection between my love for Children's books and the items I've created. And while for the sake of specificity the shop is advertised as for Children, all items are really for anyone who appreciates imaginative art, colouring and cute cards.

I was recently asked to write a guest blog post for the local blog vancouver mom on the subject of "Instilling a lifelong love of the arts" in children. I like how the article came out and I think it really gives a good insight into why I created Draw Me A Lion. Check it out if you like.

One last thing.
Draw Me A Lion has just launched a couple of months ago. The shop and me need your help to grow and to succeed. Please take a minute to click the like button on the Draw Me A Lion Facebook page if you can. If you do it soon you might even win a prize because to welcome the new year I'm giving away three items to the 112th person to like the page. Please help me spread the word and win some pretty sweet things! Pass it on?

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