Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In Memory Of Maurice Sendak

Well, today was a big day in the land of Picture Book Illustration. Maurice Sendak passed away at 83. How sad to loose such an inspiring, strange and rebellious talent.

His book Where The Wild Things are was an integral part of so many of our childhoods and though he will be sorely missed, his stories and pictures will never be forgotten.

Here is a link to a previous post I did on Maurice Sendak along with some very interesting video clip interviews with him.
I also posted a commemorative drawing in his honor today on my sketchblog.

Here are just a very few of Sendak's great works. If you only know Where the Wild Things Are, go and buy some other gems of his. An all time favorite of mine is the complete Nutshell library which features mini versions of Chicken Soup with Rice and Alligator Alphabet. So great! Good bye Maurice Sendak, you were so amazing!