Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Otfried Preussler

Otfried Preussler is a German writer and illustrator of longer what would be labelled here 'juvenile fiction stories'. It's rare to find artist's who are considered mostly writers, (because the text in the stories so heavily outweighs the images) who illustrate their own stories. I really love Preussler's stories and illustrations. Both seem very spontaneous and honest. And both have character oozing out of their every line and word. Also, you can really tell that Preussler was truly an illustrator as well as a writer. His characters whom you can already imagine truly come to live when you see them on the page, usually being tricked or tricking someone. Also, in a 130plus page book there are illustrations on every spread and on most spreads both pages have illustrations. I miss those types of fiction books. ... let's bring them back! Also, seeing as it's pretty much impossible to find anything on Preussler image image wise, I might soon have to do some scanning. This is the little bit I did find. Hard to get a good idea from it if you're not familiar with him.

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