Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to school!

Hey hey. After a little break from posts, it's back to school and back to posting stuff! This one's for everyone in my class who is wondering where to get the cheap but great calligraphy brushes in chinatown, Vancouver. Here is a picture of the place so you don't miss it. Really close to the Pender street entrance of the Dr. Sun Yat Sen gardens in location.
The shop is called "Chinese Art Crafts" and is located at 72 E. Pender Street. Tell them the woman who buys 20 brushes at a time sent you there. :)
While you're there and since they're so cheap, buy a couple of different sizes and see which ones work best for you. Pay attention to the tip of the brush. Don't get one that does not have a nice pointy tip. Most of them will be fine, but sometimes there's the odd one that's bent out of shape a bit... literally.

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  1. oh thanks for that... might even dash over before i get on my flight!
    x sandra