Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picture Book Report

I just stumbled across this great blog here which I had not previously seen.
Of course it's a great exercise if you're looking for a project as an aspiring illustrator to illustrate one of your favorite books (picture books, or novel) yourself! The Picture Book Report has challenged 15 illustrators to do exactly that. Great idea to showcase the whole experiment by compiling it into this neat blog. Do check these out.

One of my favorite illustrators from the project just so happens to be the woman who made the whole thing happen in the first place. Her name is Meg Hunt and her work is fantastic! Do check out her website.

I also really love this illustration (above) for the cover of one of my favorite stories ever... 'The Neverending Story" by German Author Michael Ende. So beautiful.

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  1. Bonjour Lisa :)
    i am just discovering your blog - post by post, it’s a bit wonderful. i think i want to live in here:) :)
    (And i am definitely getting this book)
    see you in class when i get back
    x sandra